On behalf of 15 Lakh waste pickers in India, AIW demands that:  

1. Every scrap and waste collector should be registered and provided a photo-identity card that authorises her/him to collect, retain or sell waste

2. Only registered scrap and waste collectors should be eligible for undertaking door to door waste collection in the city

3. Provisions for amenity spaces in every neighbourhood for sorting and storing waste, undertaking composting and operating biogas plants

4. All registered waste pickers should be eligible for benefits under Government schemes irrespective of their BPL status

5. Micro-waste collection and processing enterprises of waste pickers should be given capital and infrastructure by the Urban Local Body and the State Government

6. Waste-to-energy projects that use municipal solid waste as feedstock for burn technology should not be permitted to be setup


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  2. Demand no 6 is not clear to me. Why would you object if energy is being generated from waste? Secondly in the indian context permitting only id card registered waste pickers to work, will bring in a new "license raj" and is a potential breeding ground for corruption. Uniting and formalizing structure is a great initiative but question is will it improve their lives or simply transfer them from one authoritative society command structure (municipality) to another? But something is better than nothing I guess. Please keep up the good work and bring it to navi mumbai too.

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