Activities of AIW  

·         Supporting the organizations to strengthen their capacities to organize wastepickers and integrate them into solid waste management of ULB’s where possible

·         Organising learning workshops and exchange programs

·         Organized events, bringing together a large number of waste pickers on one platform at a city, state and national levels

·         Building support and solidarity among AIW members to address challenging situations at local levels effectively
·         Hosted and participated in International exchange programs  
·         Facilitated participation of waste pickers in the UNFCCC process in Bonn, Bangkok, Copenhagen, Tianjin and Cancun

Through advocacy efforts of AIW the Urban Development department, Delhi has sent a circular all state
principle secretaries advising various ways of engaging waste pickers ito integrate in the solid waste
management of the cities and recommended that they be given identity cards. Has been on the task
force of the Directorate of social welfare to help draft a social security scheme for wastepickers .Now
member of AIW is serving on the committee established by the Ministry of environment and forestry to
examine the Municipal Solid Waste (Management and Handling) Rules 2000 to integrate the

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